SATOH GROUP Satoh Machinery Works, Nittore, Fujii Industry, LPM

Initiatives for SDGs

SATOH GROUP wants to contribute to the achievement of SDGs by providing sustainable value to society through manufacturing.
And as a responsible company, we will actively promote community and social contributing activities.

Health and welfare for all

  • Improvement and maintenance of working environment ・ Measures against heat stroke and consideration for employees
  • Risk prediction training and implementation
  • Efforts to reduce long working hours
  • Playing sports and moving the body

Quality education for everyone

  • Contributing to the society and companies centered on human development activities
  • Basic education such as knowledge of business execution
  • Attending external education and training

Gender equality

  • Establishment of women's workplace status
  • Efforts to eliminate barriers based on gender equality
  • Reduce racial bias

Clean energy for everyone

  • Promotion of product development work ・ Reduction of electric energy

Both job satisfaction and economic growth

  • Product development for society and community contributions

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

  • Development of equipment and products that can contribute to the community
  • Development of equipment with no environmental burden
  • Enhancement of employee education

Eliminate inequality between people and countries

  • Global recruitment

Responsible Production and Consumption

  • Making products with reduced environmental impact

Take concrete measures against climate change

  • Attention on CO2 reduction from transportation means
  • Development of CO2 reduction contributing device

Achieve the goals with partnership

  • Promotion of industry‐university joint research/Affiliation
  • Partnership with a consultant