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Next-generation Molding technology and Molding
equipment required to materialize it

As an equipment manufacturer, we aim to be a creative development type company, and we are conducting a wide range of research and development from next-generation technology to equipment development to materialize that technology. In addition, we will accelerate the creation of next-generation products through research and development that grasps new needs from a global perspective and makes the most of our "comprehensive manufacturing capabilities."

Group companies "Sato Iron Works" and "LPM"
are working together on Research and Development.

Research Theme

We are working by setting up various advance research themes such as research to explore the possibilities of new technologies, high-cycle / energy-saving operation, production technology to achieve both high quality and low cost, equipment development etc.

If you have any development theme, please contact us.
We accept Joint Development / Research and Contract Development / Research.

Please feel free to contact
the "Sales Engineering Department" for inquiries.


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