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Automotive parts manufacturing equipment

SATOH's ideas and technologies that support the automobile industry

We are involved in the planning and manufacturing of equipment for automobile-related customers. We respond to various requests without formats with ideas and quality. To support our customers and the industries beyond them.

Delivery Flow

After delivery, we will maintain the equipment
to maintain its safety.


Sales / Design

The sales and design department handles everything from product planning to design in response to customer requests and orders. We will arrange and manage to proceed with the manufacturing process after you are satisfied with the usage explanation of our machine and the factory tour. We provide stable, high-quality products from integrated production from design, processing, welding, inspection, and shipping.



The procurement department will arrange the necessary parts and materials from the ones designed in-house and the drawings received from the customer. We ensure quality accuracy and stability by selecting materials that can be processed and manufactured efficiently, placing orders considering processing and distortion after welding, and grasping and managing the entire production process.


Processing/ welding

It is a department that performs processing that involves welding. We have a variety of facilities and an environment that can handle products of various sizes. We promise reliable and speedy work while considering safety in order to provide high quality and high value-added products.



The assembly department manufactures equipment such as customer inspection jigs and robot jigs for welding. We undertake a wide range of manufacturing operations from large to small, such as press-fitting and engraving when assembling equipment, and finish the equipment that meets the needs of our customers.



The inspection department performs the final product inspection. In addition to the use of 3D measuring instruments, we perform highly reliable inspections without errors by performing it in a constant temperature room, and deliver products that have passed the inspection quickly, safely and reliably.


SATOH mandrel that supports automobile engines

We are involved in the manufacture of automobile-related parts, and one of them is the manufacture of mandrel. (A mandrel is a jig that molds a rubber hose used in an automobile engine.) So that one uncompromising element can support many things.

Delivery flow



The procurement department arranges necessary materials and manages and procures in-house parts when manufacturing various mandrel. Efficient setup is assembled while grasping the flow of the entire company, and a comprehensive balance is achieved in an efficient process to stabilize manufacturing efficiency.



In the processing department, we use a semi-automatic lathe machine to scrape the outer shape of the mandrel and to manufacture and process the tail of the tip. We also undertake the modification and processing of parts attached to the mandrel. We use various materials such as iron, stainless steel, and aluminum, and each product has a different manufacturing process, so we will make reliable products with our experience-based know-how and high technology.



This is the process of welding and connecting individual parts such as iron and aluminum that have been bent. All are manual work and require delicate craftsmanship to maintain a high level of precision. Skilled technicians maximize the experience cultivated and provide valuable products.

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