SATOH GROUP Satoh Machinery Works, Nittore, Fujii Industry, LPM

Top Message

Each employee has an important role and has the power to open up the world with new technology

Since the founding in 1951, we have been advancing technological innovation with the aim of becoming a technological group that is always one step ahead. The economic environment of the industry in which we are located is changing rapidly, and we need the ability to adapt quickly to that environment.

In order to sharpen that ability, it is necessary for each of us to always be aware of new technologies that will be further improved from the technologies we have accumulated so far, and not to stop our progress. We must not only develop processing technology and new products, but also firmly innovate our manufacturing production technology.

We will make unremitting efforts to earn the trust of our company with the strength of “Comprehensive manufacturing power”. We value human resources who support strong “Manufacturing power”, and we believe that the path to become a global company is to continue working on human resource development and manufacturing satisfying products.

President And CEO

Yasuhiro Satoh

Management Philosophy

Our basic business philosophy is to master the technology, become a technology group located in the world, become a corporate entity that can trust and satisfaction of our customers, and contribute to society.

Quality / Environmental Policy

As part of our management activities to realize our management philosophy and put our management stance into practice, we will build a quality / environmental management system to meet the requirements and make continuous improvements.

  • We will strive to improve customer satisfaction by improving the quality and environment of "products / technologies".
  • We strive for technological innovation by proposing new technologies for customer satisfaction and improving their value.
  • We will strive to enhance all working environments and put safety first.
  • We will maintain and improve a healthy environment by promoting resource and energy conservation, reducing waste, reducing odors and noise to the extent technically and economically feasible while providing environment-friendly products and technologies preventing pollution.


Establishment of Satoh Iron Works in Kubancho, Minato-ku, Nagoya
Corporate organization changed to "Satoh Iron Works Co., Ltd."
Established "Nippon Trailer Parts Industry Co., Ltd." to expand the trailer parts division business (currently "Nittre Co., Ltd.") Established
"Fujime Kogyo Co., Ltd." to expand the aluminum equipment division business.
Construction of Toyama Factory (Daimon-cho)
Trailer parts division Otowa factory started operation
Completion of SATOH Group General Office (Minato-ku, Nagoya)
Sakata Factory starts operation in Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture
Changed the company name from "Nippon Trailer Parts Industry Co., Ltd." to "Nittore Co., Ltd."
Otowa factory started operation as a large-scale processed product factory
Otowa Hagi Factory completed and started operation
Established "LPM Co., Ltd." to enhance the low-pressure injection molding department
Yasuhiro Satoh becomes representative of all SATOH Group companies
"Nittre Co., Ltd." Sakata Parts Center opened
Moved the manufacturing department of "Nittore Co., Ltd." to Sakata
Obtained ISO9001 certification
Obtained JISQ9100 certification (Otowa Factory)

Group Companies

At SATOH GROUP, four group companies that make the best use of their respective fields of expertise provide best services to our customers. Group companies are helping each other with the goals of "quickly," "excellent," and "cost reduction," which cannot be imitated anywhere else.

Satoh Machinery Works Co., Ltd.

Development / manufacturing / overhaul of large to small resin press molding machines, large machining, manufacturing / overhaul of industrial equipment for automobiles

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Nittre Co., Ltd.

Manufacture of large trailer parts (auxiliary legs, axles, suspension devices) and special vehicle parts, transportation equipment industry Axle parts manufacturing and sales

Fujii Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Aluminum parts processing, magnesium parts processing, copper parts processing, refractory processing (carbon fiber board), urban product manufacturing

LPM Co., Ltd.

Plastic molding trial, low-pressure molding technology (SPM) consultant, R Α D, trial production, and production of low-pressure molding and decorative molding (made-to-order)