SATOH GROUP Satoh Machinery Works, Nittore, Fujii Industry, LPM

State-of-the-art Molding Technology
and Ideas

We are an equipment manufacturer that develops, designs and manufactures Vertical resin molding equipment and Vertical presses. We can carry out integrated production from proposal, design and delivery based on customer's request, and our products equipped with the latest molding technology are used all over the world.

Connecting daily Research and Development to new technologies and the next generation
We are engaged in a wide range of research and development of the next-generation molding technology and the equipment required to achieve that technology every day.
Maintenance system after delivery maintaining high accuracy and safety
We will carry out regular maintenance even after delivery so that our customers can continue to manufacture highly accurate products and use them safely and securely. We have a system in place to respond to various requests and situations.
Satoh Machinery Works