SATOH GROUP Satoh Machinery Works, Nittore, Fujii Industry, LPM

Comprehensive strength of manufacturing for society.


SATOH GROUP is composed of 4 companies. Satoh Machinery Works for "Molding machine development / manufacturing and large machining", Nittore for "Large trailer parts and special vehicle parts manufacturing", Fuji Industry for "Aluminum / magnesium parts processing", and LPM for "Research and Development of molding technology".

Each company is involved in various industries, and is engaged in research on new technologies, improvement of processing technology, and human resource development. The technology, information, and human resources accumulated by each will respond to inquiries from customers in cooperation. SATOH GROUP is constantly updating the comprehensive strength of the group, which cannot be imitated anywhere else, for customers and society around the world.

  • Satoh Machinery Works
  • Nittore
  • Fujii Industry
  • LPM