SATOH GROUP Satoh Machinery Works, Nittore, Fujii Industry, LPM

With the future of Logistics

Manufacture of large trailers and special vehicle parts started from the relationship with our customers. Our products, which are born from a huge amount of communication and verification, continue to support logistics today with quality such as safety.

Product development
that meets the needs of customers who support logistics

We develop products that meet the needs of our customers, from general trailers to special trailers, and auxiliary legs, axles, suspensions, and labor-saving devices for trailers for premises such as steel mills. In addition, our parts center prepares our own products and aftermarket parts for trailers manufactured by Yusoki Kogyo Co. LTD with a prompt supply system. If you have any problems with various trailer parts, please contact us.

Delivery flow


Sales / Design

Since we design and manufacture special vehicle parts such as trailers in-house, the sales department responds to the detailed requests and needs of our customers. In addition to manufacturing the necessary products, while conducting research and development or making proposals according to specifications and applications in various environments, correspondence that suits the era that values communication is done.

In the design department, we are managing design and development specialized in particular fields such as trailer parts, special vehicle parts, and auxiliary parts. In cooperation with the sales department, we carry out development design and customer-specific parts design to help shape your thoughts.



The role of this department is to carry out two major procurement operations: parts required for the manufacturing process and repair parts. Utilizing our technical expertise, we read a lot of information such as materials and processes from drawings, and are responsible for manufacturing highly accurate products and have efficient process management.



The manufacturing department mainly processes suspension equipment parts, trailer parts, etc. We provide not only products but also plus alpha value while paying attention not only to processing accuracy but also to maintenance of our own equipment, which is important for quality maintenance.



In the assembly department, we assemble the parts and procurement parts that came up in the manufacturing department. Weld, manufacture, and finish auxiliary legs using our robot equipment, and manage assembling all necessary parts. As it is the final site where we will finish the product with reliability, we will keep in mind the reliability of work with a firm eye.



In the inspection and shipping department, the assembled products are passed through a checklist including visual inspection. We will pack and ship only those that have cleared all the inspection items and have been certified as non-defective safely and securely. The final process before delivery to the customer is prompt and polite, with reliable inspection, packing that does not damage the product, loading, and delivery arrangements.

Manufactured products

Pneumatic landing leg

For air suspension tractor

Manual Landing Leg

Abundant variations

NEL electric landing gear

DC24V battery drive
Lift load 15t ・ 2t ・ 30t / 1v

Brake&Suspension Assembly (Low-floor heavy trailer)

2-axis 16-wheel: 16-inch, 19.5-inch, 20-inch (40t to 70t)
2-axis 08-wheel: 16-inch, 19.5-inch, 20-inch (20t to 30t)

Leaf suspension assembly

1 axis / 2 axis / 3 axis, forward suspension, reverse suspension, etc.

Axle shaft assembly

Various cam type brakes

AX series axle

Large self-propelled carrier parts